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Join artist Katrina Dienno in an Intro to Printmaking class. Participants will learn how to create an original 8 x 10” linoleum cut print. Select from prepared drawing templates or create your own design / image. Participants will learn how to create an image that will be transferred to the lino block, use carving tools to carve out the image, and then print the image onto various types of paper. You will print an edition of 10 and sign your work.

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Date: November 4th , 1-4pm
Location: Purple Paisley Local Artisan Shop,
715 Scott Street, Covington KY 41011
Cost: $67.00 per person (Cash Discount $65.00) – All materials are provided

Leave with a carved 8″ x 10″ linoleum block, a speedball lino carving tool with accessories, and an edition of 10 prints.

Seating is limited to 12 – prepayment is required to reserve your seat

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About the Artist:

Katrina Dienno is an illustrator and printmaker. Myths, fairytales, and historical legends inspire her work. She uses these stories as inspiration in her own work. Her passion is
drawing and relief printmaking and she enjoys the high contrast of black and white prints and incorporating the art of storytelling within.

What is Printmaking

Printmaking is an ancient art that started in China. The earliest known example of printmaking is a woodblock print on silk dated from 206 BC to 220 AD. During the seventh century printmaking was applied to paper. The original form of printmaking used a small wooden block (a matrix) that was manipulated/carved to hold ink and then transferred to paper.

There are three basic techniques in printmaking – Relief, Intaglio and Planar. Relief printmaking is where the printing surface, the matrix, is cut away leaving the image raised from the surface. The raised surface holds the ink to make the print. Intaglio is the process of incising/carving into the printing matrix. The recessed surface hold the ink to make the print. This method includes, but is not limited to, woodcut, etching, engraving. Planar is a process done without cutting the surface of the matrix. Instead the entire surface is coated with ink and then areas of ink are removed to create the image.

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