Snowflake Ornament Class

Multiple dot painted Wooden Snowflakes

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Love Mandala Dot Paintings? Wonder how it is done? In this Snowflake Ornament Class, join Loretta Marie Helfrich in an introductory dotting class @PurplePaisleyLocalArtisanShop and find out.

Come learn the basics of mandala dotting. Use tools and practice dotting techniques. Review various items around the house that can be used as tools . Dot paint 3-4 snowflake ornaments.

Class Details

All dotting tools, paints and supplies will be provided. Just bring a smile and (if you are messy) a shirt to cover your clothing. This class is for those aged 8 to 80!
Cost: $22.00 per person (Cash discount $20.00)
Date: Sat. Nov. 18th,

First Class 11am-1pm REGISTER HERE

Class sizes are limited prepayment is required to reserve your seat

Dot painted wooden snowflakes for holiday cheer

These snowflake ornaments each come with an ornament hook for hanging. These 2-sided ornaments look great hanging on a Christmas tree. They also make great embellishments on a wrapped gift.

Dot painting is a specific technique. It is produced by repeated imprints of a dotting tool or other implement on the surface of the painting leaving recognizable dot marks on the surface. Dots range from very fine work done with very fine tools to large dots. Dot painting artwork can be neat, traditional designs that are defined and uniform. Alternatively, it may be wild, overlapping, unstructured work. The styles of dotting are varied.

Loretta Marie Helfrich finds the time and precision involved in dotting to be relaxing and enjoyable. The process provides a beautiful, fun, and happy result. This class is a relaxing and fun event. Snowflakes are tree-like (dendrite) forms that have a multi branched appearance. You can create your own combination of dot sizes and locations on each branch. There are no mistakes. Make each branch uniform giving a calm organized look. Or go for variety and make each branch different providing movement and diversity. If you are not sure which you like, try both – you will be dotting both sides of the snowflake.

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