Each month a local artist is selected to be the featured artist. Purple Paisley features that artist inside the shop and on our website. A write-up is done to acquaint the reader with the artist. This write up goes up on our website, posted on the front board at the shop and goes out as part of the Monthly Event email sent to patrons. Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop showcases a selected statement piece of artwork done by the featured artist, in the front of the shop. The featured local artist will usually do an event during the month. Often this event will be an art class, a special Meet & Greet, or sometimes a special sale or give away. Come back to this section each month for new information.

Check out our Artist Bios for additional information on all our artists.

Ever wonder what the thought process and/or physical process is behind a great work of art? Well, in this section we will focus on one selected piece of art and provide the answers. A photograph of the artwork in question will be provided along with a couple up close pictures.

The write up will review the artists thought process, motivation and / or goals in creating the piece. The artist will explain how they came to start the work and what they learned through the process.

An overview will include the type of medium or mediums used in the work. The technique used by the artist will be explained. Any unique process or challenges in creating the piece will also be reviewed.

Check back to this section for all updates.

This is a unique and every changing section that includes all that data that does not fit in a neat pigeon hole. Wonder how Purple Paisley got its start? Curious about how art influences the community in Covington and the Greater Cincinnati Tristate area? Interested in what makes this art community distinctive? Wonder how you can support local artists at no cost to yourself? This section will work at answering these and other questions.

Here you will find news write ups on the local art scene as well as some more in-depth information on annual events at Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop. As ideas are formed and questions are asked, this section will grow.

To learn more on our mission, check out our About page.

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