The Story Behind Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop

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Sometimes, the best ideas come out of necessity and simply trying new things. As an artist, I sold my creations in a variety of places, including local shops and art centers, such as Pendleton Art Center. I also enjoyed having my jewelry available in Newport at Art On The Levee Gallery (AOTL). However, like all good things, this eventually ended, which left me with an idea.

I had long thought about owning my own local art gallery, but I wanted more than just a rental space. Instead, I wanted my gallery in a building I owned. The idea was to have rental apartments above the gallery, with additional room for special events. The location also had to be ideal, with easy access for customers and in a growing area.

Armed with this information, I began my search. I found the ideal building for my local artists shop in Covington, KY. The building wasn’t new and had a long history as an auto parts store, wholesale liquor outlet, dry cleaning business, and most recently, a hair salon and tanning shop.

The Renovation Process

The building needed significant work to become a local art gallery, so I hired two different teams. I worked with a general contractor, Terrex Construction, and an architect, City Studio Architecture. With my idea and a lot of pictures, we developed a vision and a plan.

We ended up gutting the building and removing layers of material. We uncovered the original metal ceiling, exposed the original metal girders on the center posts, and opened the floor space. Although this was more work than initially anticipated, the results are now visible in the beautiful lines and style of this fully restored local artists shop.

Despite opening just before the pandemic, we have continued to thrive. The local artists have been incredible, and we are back to holding classes, special events, demonstrations, and hosting fantastic art from talented artisans in and around Covington, KY.

Drop by our location, browse our website, and follow us on social media. For more information, give us a call at 513-232-5574.

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