Great Ways You Can Support Our Local Artists

Painting Class - dot painting
Interior of Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop
Beading Class - Fall earring design and creation

There are many ways one can support Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop and local artists.  The most well-known way is, of course, purchasing a piece of art.  To this end Purple Paisley has over 60 local artists with artworks on display year-round.  There are also many other ways that one can show support, several without spending funds.

Like our posts on Facebook and Instagram – Our posts focus on our artists, their works and various events the artists are doing.  By clicking like on a post you show that you support the shop and its artists.  This also helps get the post more views and ultimately a wider reach.  All that for just a click of the mouse!

Share our posts on Facebook and Instagram – When you share a post you help spread the reach of the post.  Reaching more people to acquaint them with the shop and the local artists’ artworks is the ultimate goal of social media. This reach helps with bringing in foot traffic.

Post on your own page on Facebook and Instagram – Placing a post on your page with a reference to Purple Paisley Local Artisan Shop is one of the most effective ways to get the word out on social media.  First, it is available to your friends and contacts.  Second, it works as an outside link referring to the shop which can enhance our general visibility.

Reviews on Google, Yelp and/or Bing are invaluable.  In addition to a 5 star review, include a line or two stating what you like about the shop. This is extremely helpful.  When searching on google, people are more likely to view listings with written reviews. 

Comment on the Featured Artist – Most months we feature an artist in the shop and do a write up.  The Featured Artist is listed on a blog page found under Spotlight on our website.  At the bottom of each blog is a “Liked” button that can be clicked.  Once clicked, you also have the option of making a comment.    Featured Artist

Attend our summer local markets, holiday bazaars, artist demonstrations, and artist meet and greets.  If an event is well attended, artists feel appreciated and continue to offer the events. This in turn provides activities for the community.  Artists thrive on interaction regarding their works and love to discuss their processes. Events

Register for a class or workshop offered by our artists.  These events are designed to provide you with hands-on experience in various mediums.  Artists love to share their knowledge and techniques.  Participating in a class is a great way to support local artists.  Events

Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop is essentially a local art collective.  It is a locale showcasing artworks created by artists from the Tri-state/ Greater Cincinnati area.  Each local artist is essentially their own small business.  When you are supporting Purple Paisley, you are also supporting our community of artists and many small businesses. 

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