OCTOBER FEATURED ARTIST – Loretta Marie Helfrich

Loretta Marie Helfrich comes by her eye for design and color naturally.  She was raised in a large family that valued art and music.  She managed her own family law practice for 30+ years. During that time she designed and created jewelry as a way to counter the stress of her profession. The beads never squabbled about sharing the spotlight!

The focal point of her jewelry is the beauty and movement of the stones.  Loretta uses high grade semi-precious stones. Her works include Amethyst, Jasper, Quartz, and Agates of varying colors, as well as many other stones.  She uses Swarovski crystals to accent and complement the stones.  In her designs the stones are always the focal point. The goal is to highlight the stones natural beauty and texture.

Over the years Loretta has expanded into polymer clay creations and also acrylic fluid arts.  In both of these mediums she uses rich colors and movements to harmonize and enhance each other. The interplay of the colors and the techniques used create texture and design.

Loretta Marie Helfrich is the owner and driving force behind Purple Paisley, Local Artisan Shop.  This is a boutique style gallery that features the works of over 60 artists from the local Covington Kentucky, Cincinnati Ohio Tristate area. After decades of selling her works at various art shops around the Greater Cincinnati Area, Loretta decided it was time she opened her own shop. Thus she set out to provide a beautiful locale for local artists to be able to show and sell their creative art works.

With the help of her long time legal assistant, the shop also provides a local for local artists to demonstrate their art style and techniques and speak with the public about their motivations. Artists also provide art classes for the public to get hands on experience. More recently the shop started a Local Artisan Market for the the summer months to afford yet another cost effective opportunity for local artists to provide their work to the community. All events can be found on our event page.

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